Chapter 23x: Genesis

- Hector Hard Mode
Kishuna disappears at the end of Turn 5,
even if you don't attack him
. And all breakable walls
"break" leaving the way free, except the walls in chest rooms. But if you attack him, all breakable walls and doors opens.
You can see details of enemies by placing the cursor on them.
Statistics vary 2-3 points, VA = Attack Speed.

Chapter's objective: Kill all enemies
Requirement for this Chapter: Talk to Hawkeye with Hector and gain 700 or more of experience in the previous chapter. Is possible, using low level characters, Ninian's dance and healing every little damage.

1. Berserk (staff)
2. Silver blade
3. Secret book
- Afa's drops (chapter ending)
- Drops when killed:
   A. Door Key
  - Silver bow, Archer of reinforcement.
  - Silver axe, Fighter of reinforcement.
  - Silver lance, Knight of reinforcement.
  - Silver sword, Mercenary of reinforcement.
  - Shine, Monk of reinforcement.
  - Elfire, Mage of reinforcement.
  - Nosferatu, Shaman of reinforcement.
  - Recover, Troubadour of reinforcement.
- Steal:
   B. Door Key

New characters:
- None.

- Turn 6 to 10: 1 Mage (where the Bishop of the left start, in the upper left part) and 1 Shaman where Hector start.
- When Kishuna disappears:
  A. If is by opening the door; A Mercenary, Knight, Archer and Fighter from the right room next to Kishuna.
  B. If you attack him; A Mage, Shaman, Troubadour and Monk from the left room next to Kishuna.
  In both ways, the 4 enemies at his sides disappears with him.


Boss Data

Magic Seal of Level 10
"A bringer of silence. His identity is unknown."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 57 7 4 25 0 13 5 7
- Nothing

In HHM, Kishuna moves.

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