Chapter 1: Escape!

You can see details of enemies by placing the cursor on them (hard mode). Statistics vary 2-3 points VA = Attack Speed.

Objective: Take the castle

- 5.000 at the end of the Chapter .

- 1 Soldier and 2 Fighter (at the sides) when Eirika go past the black line.

New characters:
- Franz, Gilliam.

It’s not harder than the last chapter. Give Seth’s sword to Eirika, so you won’t waste her Rapier. At the second turn, Franz and Gilliam will come to help you, they appear in the green squares in the map.
Try to level up Eirika with the fighters and Franz or Gilliam with the soldiers if you plan on using some of them. After you cross the black line at the center, at the end of that turn, 2 fighters and 1 soldier will appear where Seth and Eirika started. Against the boss, use Eirika and her rapier, Gilliam or Franz with their lances. After you finish this chapter, you’ll get 5000 coins.

Boss Data

Knight - Level 4
"Commander of a Grado military force."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 22 9 3 1 3 10 0 13
- Steel Lance

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