Chapter 6: Victims of War

You can see details of enemies (hard mode) by placing the cursor on them. Statistics vary 2-3 points. VA = Attack Speed.

Objective: Defeat Novala

(Note: This is a map with fog, but has been taken off to see what is there)

1. Antitoxin
- Orion's Bolt (keep alive all the green units)
- Drops when killed:
  A. Iron Axe or Halberd (depends if is the no-equipped item)
  B. Iron Blade
  C. Elixir

- Turn 4: 3 Cavalier next to where you start (only in Hard, in normal aren't).

New characters:
- None.

This chapter is covered with fog, which makes it kind of hard. Bring torches and use Colm (you can buy some torches in the shop of chapter 5). Next go to where Novala is, if you defeat him before turn 7, you don’t need to rescue the villagers. But still, send Vanessa to that place immediately when starting the map.

After that go against Novala, this can be hard, so send Seth ahead through the woods and use them to evade the attacks and watch out for the enemies behind. Don’t be afraid about Seth, he will weak the enemies and after that kill them with other character. Use the map as a guide about what enemies might appear.

Boss Data

Shaman - Level 10
"An underling serving General Riev. He is a cowardly and ambitious schemer."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 28 10 8 6 7 5 9 7
- Flux

He is pretty weak, attack him with your physical units and you will defeat him in no time.

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