Chapter 14: Queen of White Dunes

- Eirika's Route

Objective: Seize the throne

  • In the black square is a Secret shop, to enter you must place a unit with the Member card that Rennac has.
  • Green lines = Is a room that must be opened to see inside (the ones inside don't move if is closed).
  • The rooms with the chest 3 and 4 can't be opened from the right or left sides respectively, there isn't a door to do that (but for Rennac's room, is possible to open it by breaking the wall).
1. Energy Ring
2. Dragonspear
3. 10,000
4. Guiding Ring

5. Spear
6. Hammerne
A. Mend
B. Door Key
C. Chest Key
D. Swordreaver
E. Hero Crest
F. Heavy spear
- Member Card (Rennac)
- Audhulma and Excalibur (at the chapter's end)
Secret Shop (non-japanese version):
Secret Shop (japanese version):
- Steel Blade 1250
- Silver Blade 1800
- Killing Edge 1300
- Killer Lance 1200
- Battle Axe 1000
- Killer Axe1000
- Killer Bow 1400
- Barrier 2250
- Physic 3750
- Lockpick 1200
- Hero Crest 10000
- Knight Crest 10000
- Orion's Bolt 10000
- Elysian Whip 10000
- Guiding Ring 10000
- Ocean Seal10000
- Lancereaver 1800
- Swordreaver 2100
- Axereaver 1950
- Killer Bow 1400
- Purge 3000
- Bolting 2500
- Recover 2250
- Angelic Robe 8000
- Energy Ring 8000
- Lockpick 1200
- Hero Crest 10000
- Knight Crest 10000
- Orion's Bolt 10000
- Elysian Whip 10000
- Guiding Ring 10000
- Ocean Seal10000

- Turn 1: Caellach will take out the Queen and Carlyle will take his place, and with this 3 Knight (above) and 2 Fighter (below) in that room.
- Turn 5 to 8: A Archer from the stairs in the middle of the map (only if there isn't somebody in the stairs)
- Turn 6 to 8: 3 Cavalier every turn in the below right part of the map if you opened some of the rooms, if not only one appears (the more below one).
- When you enter in the rooms with the chest 1 and 2: 3 Knight from the left.
- When you enter in the red zone: 2 Shaman for two turns, in the stairs above the room with the chest 3.

New characters:
- Rennac.

This episode is not that easy, it´s quite similar to the last one, with the difference that here you have all the time in the world. Before doing anything, you have to get Rennac (he´s on the rightmost room). You can recruit him by having L´arachel or Eirika to talk to him, but with L´arachel you won´t have to pay for his services. Afterwards, split your units to explore the map and get the treasure chests. On each room that you find, you will run into a surprise and some chests, do not open them unless you can take on the enemies, guiding yourself with the image above.

When you have defeated your enemies, opened the chests and went to the secret shop, all that´s left is go after the boss. This one isn't as easy as the other foes you've encountered. Make sure you have a Restore staff, as a priest will use the Berserk staff (the one with an "A" on the image above) and can mess everything by confusing your characters, specially those with low resistance (Evasion does not count if you want to evade the staff, only resistance).

Boss Data

Swordmaster of level 11
"Former leader of Jehanna's army. He lost himself for love of his queen."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 41 12 17 18 8 9 10 9
Wind Sword

Carlyle has a monstrous evasion that might cause you a great trouble, try to not face him on close quarters, as his critical attack will prove devastating. The best thing to do is to attack him with a skilled magic user, after all, is impossible to do a critical attack with a magical sword and in this way, the attack goes in half against resistance (and not to defense completely, if you attack him on close quarters). If you attack him with Joshua they will sustain a brief conversation.

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