Chapter 12: Landing at Taizel

- Ephraim's Route
Starting Map | Map after turn 2
(some enemies might move before turn 2)

Objective: Kill the boss

- Drops when killed:
   A. Elfire
   B. Guiding Ring
   C. Short Bow
   - Swordslayer (Cyclops)

Shop (non-japanese version):
- Fire 560
- Thunder 700
- Lightning 630
- Shine 900
- Heal 600
- Mend 1000
- Restore 2000
- Vulnerary 300
- Elixir 3000
- Pure Water 900
- Antitoxin 450

Shop (japanese version):
- Thunder 560
- Elfire 1200
- Shine 900
- Heal 600
- Mend 1000
- Restore 2000
- Vulnerary 300
- Elixir 3000
- Pure Water 900
- Antitoxin 450

Reinforcements: (All, except for those on turn 2, appear only on Hard)
- Turn 2: Caellach and 2 Cavaliers leave and are replaced with others.
- Turns 3 and 4, from the right ship:
  A Mercenary (above).
  An Archer (below).
- Turns 4 to 6: A Bael above the stairs on the left of the map.
- Turns 5 to 7: Same as the turn before but on the opposite side.
- Turns 8 to 10: Two Bonewalker from above the boss.

New characters:
- Ewan, Marisa.

First of all, try to mount a defense on the walkway or the entrance to the right boat, in order to stop the enemies more than anything, because, especially from above, will come various enemies and it can be hard for you to maintain a secure position. Putting Duessel and Seth (or sending one of the two by some route) there is not a bad option if you only plan to defend, remember that they are prepromotes who can be easily surpassed by other characters if you train them, especially Duessel.
And besides this, at the end of the first turn Caellach will leave, and there will not only be the remaining soldiers but also various monsters as reinforcements. Use your strongest characters, as in terms of progressing the story you will not be able to use everyone. Send a group on the walkway of your choice; the left is the most simple as there are fewer enemies but takes longer. Mounted or flying units are very useful here; try to use those with formidable defense and take advantage of their high movement. Only take care to maintain a defense ahead of or wherever you confront the enemies.

By the way, Marisa is in the top, near the boss. You can only recruit her with Ewan (whom you get by visiting the town), whose low stats, including movement, makes him hard to approach her without dying. But you can put a character with high defense and WITHOUT a weapon in Marisa's attack range. The next turn, she will attack this unit and you can talk to her without issue with Ewan. Although you should try to kill the other enemies, do not confront the boss before you recruit her.

Boss Data

Cyclops of level 9
"A grotesque creature created by magic and born in darkness."
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con
Stats 61 16 9 9 1 16 10 16
- Hand Axe
- Swordslayer

The boss does not move, but the swordslayer is FATAL for units that use swords. Intend to attack the cyclops with only lances or magic. If you choose magic, make sure to have a healer nearby or rescue the attacking mage far away from the boss' attack range.

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